Healing with Osteopathy

By | Education

The human body is a symphony in motion that we conduct with every breath, thought, and action. 

Our physical, chemical, and electrical nature must be in balance for a full expression of health. When all is well, we feel joyful and propelled through our day. Life is effortless. 

We are often naive to this freedom until something goes wrong. The discomfort we feel is the result of a cascade of changes across the continuity of our body. Nothing happens in isolation. 

Everything is connected. Changing the way we move due to an injury creates other musculoskeletal imbalances and may alter digestion, immune function, blood supply, nerve function, hormones and more. The inverse may also occur. Alterations of our physiology from infection, exposure to toxins, even chronic stress may affect the musculoskeletal system. Complex interactions exist between all systems of the body.

The body is able to heal itself and often does. Sometimes, however, when the scales are tipped too far, we all need a helping hand. 

Osteopathy provides exactly that. It is a distinct system of medicine that understands how nature heals through the relationship of structure and function. It identifies and treats the cause of the problem, which is often not where the symptom is located. 

Osteopathic manipulation is the hands-on application of osteopathic principles. Through skilled palpation, this approach diagnoses and treats restrictions of all tissues, fluids, and organ systems. Reestablishing normal motion improves the vitality of our living anatomy and restores healthy physiology. There are a wide variety of techniques, most are very gentle or use little force.

In closing, the structure of our body has a direct and profound impact on our function. This includes everything from breathing, walking, and athletics, to digestion, the immune system, and hormone production.  A traditional osteopathic physician understands these complex relationships and applies osteopathic manipulation to restore health, as they practice true wholistic medicine. There is hope in healing with osteopathy.