Dr. Van Deven is an osteopathic physician who specializes in two independently powerful healing approaches, Osteopathic and Functional Medicine.

ATTENTION:  Telemedicine visits are now available to address a wide variety of conditions. This is only if you live in Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, or Tennessee. Other state licenses are pending.

Dr. Van Deven is available to:

    • Evaluate symptoms of COVID-19 and recommend with how to proceed.

    • Follow up with your current medical conditions (ie, hypertension and diabetes).

    • Assist with minor acute needs (ie sinus pain, ear pain, rash, pink eye, and UTI).

    • Order labs, imaging, and medications when needed, with the exception of controlled substances.

    • If appropriate, Dr. Van Deven may also direct another individual in providing osteopathic intervention to improve immune function, alleviate headaches and chronic pain, and address many other conditions at their source.

Please review the FAQs to learn about office billing practices. You may message Dr. Van Deven through the Contact Page if you have a specific question before proceeding.

Most visits are seen the same day as registering. 

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Osteopathy is a hands-on medical practice that improves the physical structure and function of your body.

Functional Medicine addresses your biochemical health, genetics, nutrition and lifestyle.

Dr. Van Deven’s holistic approach and treatment will give you back the freedom to live a life you love. Achieving faster and more thorough results will save you time and money. Let’s chart a more direct course to your healing without the need for unnecessary treatment programs, supplements or referrals to multiple providers. 

“Dr. Van Deven treated me as a whole person. From the moment I met him I knew I could trust him. He listened, approached me with gentle energy, and let me know he valued me as a human, not just a patient. I looked forward to my appointments with him because I knew I would leave his office feeling relaxed, whole, and relieved of so many symptoms. He has been a true gift in my journey towards healing.”
Meredith H.