Rates and Services

* Please note: Dr. Van Deven is not contracted with insurance. See the details at the bottom of the page for more information.

Patients may receive Osteopathy, Functional Medicine, or both. If interested in establishing care, please Contact the office.

Optional: 20 minute Video Consultation $150. Briefly review your case with Dr. Van Deven, ask any questions you have, and receive general recommendations for care. This is also your chance to connect with Dr. Van Deven to see if it is a good fit before potentially starting as a new patient. This consult does not establish care nor a patient-physician relationship.

Traditional Osteopathy

  • Adult New Patient 75 min, $550
  • Pediatric New Patient 60 min, $450
  • Newborn New Patient 45 min, $350
  • Follow Up 30 min, $230 (Newborns)
  • Follow Up 45 min, $330
  • Follow Up 60 min, $450

Functional Medicine

All new patients receiving Functional Medicine begin with a 6 month New Patient Program. We will take a deep dive into your history, use lab testing to help identify the underlying cause of disease, and begin treatment. This may include diet and lifestyle changes, supplements and medications, and various supportive therapies.

6 Month New Patient Program, $1500 at the first visit, then $400/month for 5 additional months includes:

  • 1-2 hour detailed review of your medical history and research needed to prepare for the first appointment.
  • 2 hour New Patient Appointment. This is an in-person visit to review your history in detail and allow a physical exam. You will also receive a full osteopathic structural exam and treatment for diagnostic insight and to ignite the healing process.
  • Four 45 min Follow Up Appointments. Lab results identifying underlying causes will be reviewed and the treatment plan will continue to shift as needed to maximize progress. Meeting by video.
  • Ongoing research of your conditions.
  • Continued coordination of care to support your personalized treatment plan.
  • Secure messaging to answer questions between appointments and following up on aspects of the treatment plan as needed.
  • Upon completing the first six months, patients will have the option to continue treatment as needed in a subsequent six month program. The next program will have a varied number of visits to meet each patients’ needs.

Not included:

  • Additional osteopathic treatment for the greatest results in a fraction of the time.
  • Recommended labs, laboratory integration, medications, supplements and other therapies.
  • The cost of initial lab testing and integration, including conventional and specialty labs. This often ranges between $500 – $2000. These can be prioritized and stretched out over time as needed for your budget.

All Patients:
We utilize a customized patient portal, providing access to your health information, personalized treatment plan, handouts, secure communication through messaging, and online scheduling. 

Invoices are created to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement for office visits and telemedicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and lab tests. Some labs may be billed directly to your insurance. Invoices will be made available after each osteopathic and functional medicine appointment. See below for more information.

Telemedicine is available after an in-person New Patient Appointment for those living in Arizona, California, Washington and internationally.

It is required to have a separate primary care physician.

Insurance Reimbursement:
To have an idea of what your insurance company may reimburse you, please speak with them before scheduling an appointment. Deductibles must be met before any reimbursement is awarded and each policy is unique. Inquire as to coverage for an Out-Of-Network Provider, Telemedicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), and an Out-Of- Network Laboratory. Typical office visit codes include: 99204 or 99205 with 99354 for New Patient Visits, and 99213 and 99214 for Follow Up Visits. OMT codes often range from 98927, 98928 and 98929, all with a 25 modifier. Telemedicine is billed with the same codes as Follow Up Visits with a 95 modifier. Health coaching may not be reimbursable. Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and some specific insurances such as Kaiser Permanente will not provide reimbursement.