“Dr. Van Deven is a welcome rarity in the world of medicine. As someone with myriad chronic illnesses I am used to being treated in parts – specialist by specialist. Dr. Van Deven treated me as a whole person. From the moment I met him I knew I could trust him. He listened, approached me with gentle energy, and let me know he valued me as a human, not just a patient. I looked forward to my appointments with him because I knew I would leave his office feeling relaxed, whole, and relieved of so many symptoms. He has been a true gift in my journey towards healing.”
Meredith H.

“Several clients who work with me in my work spoke to me about the help and support they received from Dr. Van Deven. They were moving easier as advanced age elders and felt listened to and cared for. I sought treatment for myself as a result. Dr. Van Deven was able to help me understand my body better. He lifted me to a hopefulness about and an enjoyment of how my body moves and how to support movement. I am grateful for good information delivered with depth, sureness, lightness, skill, knowledge, clarity and joy. I have increased joy in my body. Thank you Dr. Van Deven!”
Susan Dawdy, MSW, LICSW

“I was referred to the Osteopathic office of Dr. Van Deven for chronic pain in my neck, and sporadic pain in my shoulder, hip and knee. The pain in my neck was constant. I had tried physical therapy and it only gave me temporary relief. An orthopedist basically said my pain was part of growing older and I had to live with it. I am only 47! Then I met Dr. Van Deven and everything changed. He asked me many questions, listened and discussed the cause of my pain. He manipulated my muscles and connective tissue, gave me quick and easy exercises and told me to I needed to hydrate my body. I felt relief after the first visit. With each appointment, I felt better and I now have days without any pain. Yet, the best part of Dr. Van Deven’s practice is that he educates you about your body. He works to treat the cause of your pain/illness not the symptoms. Dr. Van Deven will make you a partner in your own health and healing. He recommended books to read and was always professional, caring and friendly. Dr. Van Deven is an innovator and without question, brings relief. I am no longer afraid to do the activities I love and I feel empowered. Thank you Dr. Van Deven!
Bonnie Grober

“I had the privilege to know and be treated by Dr Van Deven for two months before he moved to California. During that time and for several weeks thereafter my weekly migraines were greatly reduced to 2-4 per week (averaging 3 per week) and my chronic neck pain was also reduced. For many years, before being treated by Dr Van Deven, I had suffered from 4-7 migraines per week. Dr.Van Deven is the first Dr. to provide substantial pain relief for me.

I am also challenged by depression and anxiety. Dr. Van Deven compassionately talked with me about, my feelings, sleep patterns, isolating behaviors, relationships, treatment options, etc.. He recommended supplements, a therapist, and together we formulated weekly goals for me to focus on.

Dr Van Deven has an amazing energy – sympathetic, interested, accepting, healing, gentle – that was comforting and therapeutic for me. I looked forward to appointments with Dr. Van Deven as I felt hopeful that his compassionate, functional, holistic, osteopathic treatment and counseling would help me to heal. Dr Van Deven, I am grateful for you.”
Wendy Fulco

“Dr. Van Deven was truly a remarkable help to my physical and mental health, from the time I first met him, until we parted ways as patient and doctor. He was a great listener, and has a way of making sessions feel welcoming and comfortable. And guided me to better health, when others had failed to do so.”
Ryan Swail

“As a person who deals with chronic discomfort on a daily basis, I was referred to Dr. Van Deven by a pain specialist. I thought I was just going to see another doctor who would prescribe me some sort of medication and tell me good luck. Boy was I wrong! From the moment I met Dr. Van Deven I knew that my journey with him would be a lot different than what I had experienced with other providers in the past. From the very first time I met Dr. Van Deven I felt validated and reassured about my health. I began receiving Osteopathic treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and digestion issues. I was comforted from the beginning by having a lot of tests done that no other doctor had done in the past. I had a lot of stomach pain and other various issues and after discussing my symptoms with Dr. Van Deven he had ordered a SIBO breath test suspecting I had SIBO. While scheduling this appointment with my Gastroenterologist, he argued with me that I didnt need this test done. I had the test done and it was positive. Immediately this showed me that Dr. Van Deven knew what he was doing and listened to me as a patient AND a person. I was lucky to spend about 11 months in the care of Dr. Van Deven. In this time he saw myself and my 3 year old son, who absolutely adored him (and vice versa I think!). During this time I learned so much about my body, the way it works, what it needs, and how to LIVE. I was taught that basic life changes can drastically improve your health and well being. In addition to his wealth of medical knowledge, Dr. Van Deven also excels in Osteopathic Manipulative treatment. His hands on treatment not only helps balance the mind and body, but also heals the body faster than traditional medication as I found out first hand. Having asthma I often had breathing issues. I was prescribed a steroid by my primary care doctor to help my lungs. Having bad reactions from this medication in the past, I saw Dr. Van Deven for help. I received OMT for my lungs, and immediately noticed a difference. I no longer needed my inhaler and did not use the steroid. I also received OMT for chronic pain and felt relief every visit. I am very thankful for the time I shared with Dr Van Deven as he greatly improved my life, as well as my son’s. I easily put my trust into him as he proved himself from the start. His bedside manner is also outstanding and one of a kind. I would highly recommend being under the care of Dr. Van Deven as I can genuinely say he is the best Doctor I have had.”
Daniel Shea

“I have been going to Dr. Van Deven for several month and he is a Wonderful D.O. I have many thing wrong with my spine and S I joint.
I can say this man has “Miracle Hands” he aligned me in the most gentle way possible!
He has helped me on loosing weight. He suggested a grain free diet with no diet food at all only Whole natural foods that has worked wonders for me! I’m down 22 lbs as of this letter.
Dr. Van Deven has done wonders for me. If you have the pleasure of being one of his patients consider yourself a very special person and you shall be treated with nothing more than kindness.”
Pamela Macksey

“I would like to be known that I have been a patient of Dr. Van Deven’s for three plus years. Previously, I had been a patient of a primary care physician for over fifteen years, who I highly respected. After my initial meeting with Dr. Van Deven, and learning the model of Functional Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation, I became totally enthralled and impressed with Dr. Van Deven’s professionalism and knowledge in the field of this cutting edge approach. I also learned from him how the human body works, as well as, taking all recommendations regarding my various medical issues. Through consultations and Osteopathic manipulation techniques, I began to feel better, both emotionally and physically. That being said, I would highly recommend Dr. Van Deven as a skilled professional in the field of Functional Medicine, and know any patient would be in good hands with this gentle, caring man, who is a good listener and a great practitioner.”
Dominick S.

“I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Van Deven during my ongoing search for doctors and alternative practitioners to address my growing list of symptoms. When we started treatment, I was suffering from a myriad of health issues ranging from a weakened immune system to chronic migraines and joint pain. What initially struck me was Dr. Van Deven’s wonderful balance of western medicine with alternative practice. What kept me coming back was his inherent gifts as a healer. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, physician that looks at the whole person, and creates treatment plans that include diet, supplements, and self-care in addition to hands-on care. His patience and persistence paired with his keen insight and intuition led to an ultimate chronic Lyme diagnosis that has finally set me on the road to recovery. Dr. Van Deven has truly changed my life.”
Corey S.

“When I sought osteopathic care, it was my good fortune to be teamed-up with Dr. Van Deven. I use the term
“teamed-up” because what developed was, quite precisely, a partnership in finding ways to treat, manage, and cope with my chronic pain. Although my specific issue was long-term pain, it was not examined in isolation: my overall wellness and status were given equal consideration and attention in Dr. Van Deven’s integrated approach to health and healing, which included and respected my input.

In addition to his broad medical knowledge and the wealth of insights he brought to specifics within it, I so appreciated Dr. Van Deven’s kindness and compassion, his thoughtful questions and answers, his attention to and remembering of details, and the keen perceptiveness and unassuming intuitiveness he brought to our appointments and treatment sessions. For not only the relief I experienced through my tenure with Dr. Van Deven, but also for the coping tools he offered. I am most grateful for this extraordinary physician!”
Laura M.

“I had no expectation that would stop my back pain. My confidence level was not high. When I was introduced to Dr.Van Deven, he changed my life. He has hands of incredible ability. I am very grateful.”

“Doctor Van Deven has treated me for lower back problems. He is a knowledgeable Doctor who has not only helped me with my back problem but also gave me good advise on some other issues I have and how I might resolve them. Not only that, he also referred me to excellent therapist that would help with the work he was doing on my back and help it along in conjunction with his treatments. I appreciate all he has done for me.”
Mark Monterosso

“Having been diagnosed with chronic sciatica and spinal stenosis I sought treatment from Dr VanDeven. I had a Spinal Fusion in the past and have osteoarthritis 
I enthusiastically recommend the treatment (s) he administers
I have found him to be both a skilled practitioner as well as a kind and gentle individual 
My results can be measured both qualitatively——— simply feeling so much better——and Quantitatively —— I have been able to increase my walking time tolerance from 1 hour/day to 2hours plus / day 
November,2017 -March 2018.”
Sandy Driscoll

“I am a 77 years old cancer survivor , and have been a patient of Dr Van Devens for 1 1/2 years. At which time, I have experienced one of the most effective treatments for the arthritic pain in my right hip.
Dr Van Deven’s Osteopathic work has always seemed a little mysterious …..and it has been of great value to me. In addition, Dr Van Deven is most caring and kind.”
Lois Ferguson

“Dear Dr. Van Deven, It is with much sadness that I have learned that you will be leaving Berkshire Health Systems located in the Berkshires to pursue new horizons in California. In the short time that I have known you, you have done so much to improve my spinal and leg conditions with your knowledge and hands on therapy. Thank you for all that you have done for me.”
James J. Thornton

“Dr. Van Deven treated me for lumbar disc pain and scoliosis. His hands on treatment really helped. Dr. Van Deven always took the time to listen, he was focused on me and my progress.”
Mike Street