The Approach

Dr. Van Deven provides heartfelt, empowering medicine by offering a synergistic blend of Traditional Osteopathy and Functional Medicine.

His holistic approach includes allowing sufficient time to connect with you, hear your story, understand your challenges, and thoroughly evaluate your health. He will then map a comprehensive treatment plan at a pace that is realistic and effective.

Dr. Van Deven’s ultimate goal is to prime your body to self-heal as it was designed to do. He will work with your body’s natural resources to optimize healthy function. This includes treatments which address your physical structure with hands-on osteopathic manipulation to calm the nervous system, reduce pain, improve digestion and detoxification, and enhance your immune system. He will also focus on specific diet and lifestyle factors to support your life as a whole and minimize stress from various sources.

Patients receiving Functional Medicine will also work with Health Coach Sonia Rollins to support and empower their treatment plan. See her bio to learn more.

Know that…

We are Mind, Body and Spirit. Each effects the other and each requires loving attention.

Our physical, emotional, and mental health have a direct impact on our biochemistry, including our hormones, immune system, and genetic expression.