Sonia Rollins, Health Coach

Sonia is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach dedicated to guiding individuals towards personal fulfillment and wellness. With a background in nutritional science, behavioral health and a passion for helping others thrive, Sonia brings diverse experience and empathy to her patient-centered coaching. Sonia believes in the transformative power inherent in her patients’ unique strengths and deeply held core values, acknowledging them as steadfast sources of meaning and continuous motivation in their lives. Driven by a commitment to fostering long-term wellness, Sonia works alongside Dr. Van Deven to deeply understand the individual health needs and circumstances of each patient. Together, they provide patients with the tools and support necessary to assist in the embodiment of The True Self.


Isabel Duke, Medical Assistant

Isabel is a dedicated and compassionate professional providing medical assistance, office management and exceptional patient care. She guides patients on how to use the Patient Portal, assists in scheduling appointments, administrative work behind the scenes, and acts as a liaison between the patient and Dr. Van Deven.